Discover and deploy one-to-one marketing at the leading edge
Based on extensive pioneering, first-hand industry experience, Neuromarketology provides a clear perspective on the new dynamic marketing landscape and step-by-step guidance on leveraging the unique opportunities of neuromarketing.
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Harness Converging Technologies and Diverging Audiences to Create Dynamic Marketing and Astonishing ROI

This book defines a new dynamic neuromarketing methodology that enables you to soar on the currents of the Google era, rather than being blown away by them. Gain a clear perspective on the new dynamic marketing landscape in which we find ourselves. Understand why existing best practices are now failing to deliver reliable results, and what is to be done about it.

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This book does for marketing what the transistor did for radios

This book connects the dots on a series of evolutions in technology, communications and neuromarketing, which collectively can be leveraged to deliver dynamic marketing returns previously unheard of in our industry. The changes have already occurred. To the early adopters who leverage these opportunities, go the spoils. Rather than being blown away by converging platforms, splintering audiences and jaded consumers, this book will show you how to capitalize on these new one to one conditions to win market share, extend your brand and radically increase your marketing ROI.

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A nationally-recognized business visionary leading the industry to its next tipping point

Brian deployed one of the first Macintosh publishing systems in the graphic arts business in the Southwest. He pioneered the development of HD publishing processes in the graphic arts industry at the emergence of the digital revolution. On the strength of this innovation, he piloted the explosive growth of a private company and its ultimate sale to a public corporation.

He was an early computer innovator and at the vanguard of desktop publishing and implementing the new digital workflows of the 80’s. He again helped lead the charge in the 90’s, developing dynamic online brands and teaching traditional brands how to reach new markets utilizing the Internet. A decade later he is leading the industry in its next tipping point, the application of dynamic segmentation and automated personalized one to one neuromarketing.

Become a neuromarketing expert
Complete a 12-lesson course in the study of the concepts, concerns and applications of Neuromarketology to become certified. Then take it to the next level by completing 3 case studies in which neuromarketing was applied in real-world scenarios to become a qualified neuromarketing consultant.
level 1: neuromarketology
• Read the 12 study guides on Neuromarketology
• Take a quiz after each study guide set
• 80% or higher passing rate

• Receive certificate (print and online)
• Put it on your resume!
level 2: neuromarketology
• Submit three case studies on how you applied the concepts of Neuromarketology in real-world scenarios
• Pass/fail grading

• Claim the title of a Neuromarketology Consultant
• Personal consultation and strategy review with neuromarketing expert, Brian Fabiano